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San Mateo & Bay Area

Karen Fine
Libby Traubman

The Bay Area group, now in its fourth year, has eight participants who meet monthly for a pot luck dinner, personal sharing, and updating of our varied activities. We share lessons learned from our successes and failures and support each other as we work to be of service in our local communities and beyond.

Palo Alto & Bay Area

Geoff Ainscow

We meet biweekly via Zoom, and once a quarter we gather in person in one of our homes. It can be said that we work together separately — while we each have our own ways in which we actively work for a better world, we come together to plumb the depths of our inner life. The close relationships formed in the group produce companionship, a brotherhood/sisterhood, and bring meaning to our lives.

Elk Grove

Bill Myers



Jackie Burson

The Centennial Colorado group has been together for almost 2 years. We meet about once a month. Sometimes we meet at a restaurant and other times in a room at the local library. We are into different things as individuals — this includes volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, attending political rallies and volunteering for Angel Heart food delivery. During our meetings we discuss issues that affect us all, report on what we are doing now and talk about our ideas for what else we might do. We are open to new members.


Robert ‘Han’ Bishop

An ongoing gathering of elder men and women who understand that a lifetime of experience, lessons learned and knowledge gained, gives them wisdom worth sharing with others. We take opportunities together to share and explore topics relevant to elderhood. We come together to share and deepen the wisdom we’ve learned, enrich the lives of each other, and in turn, do so for our families, friends, community, and even the world-at large. We meet every 4th Wednesday of the Month (10:30am at Pine River Library).



Melissa Ribner

The Portland group is newly formed; and, have loosely agreed to explore a range of topics relating to elderhood. There are 7 members now, with room to grow to 10, maximum. We are all active in a variety of projects, which enrich our discussions. We meet monthly.



Lynne Iser

Local elder activists meet to attend rallies, hearings and other events together; and to discuss local issues and ways in which to respond, individually or together. This is an “open group” and people can join at any time, or just “show up.”

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