Elder Circles

The purpose of an Elder Circle is for elders to inspire and support each other as they address social and environmental justice issues, the climate crisis, sustainable living or other concerns they may have for the welfare of their community, be it local or global.

Elder Circles may include both study and action. Your group may decide to study issues and local policies regarding issues like mass incarceration, gun violence, education or the Green New Deal. In addition to study and discussion, members decide how they want to make an impact. At times Circle members will work together on a project, or attend an event together. It is amazing how often our intentions to do sometimes falter, but if we have made a plan with another elder activist we tend to show up and support each other—and, support the change we wish to see within our world. Sometimes individuals pursue their own interests and share with the circle what is happening—and many times the group then lends support.

Please check our Directory of EAN Elder Circles to see if there is one near you!

If there isn’t an Elder Circle near me, can I form one? Yes, you can! New Elder Circles often get started with a few interested individuals who realize that they want to join with other elders to work on social justice, environmental, or other issues in their own community. By networking with neighbors, friends, and family, a team of two or three people can grow into a good-sized group. Circles often attract other members by working together on local issues, attending rallies, marches, and supporting initiatives that meet their interests.

The first step in forming an Elder Circle is to read Tips for Getting Started.

If you would like help in forming your own Elder Circle please contact Libby Traubman or Karen Fine.

We’re here to help you and to build our movement of elders!


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