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Sustainable Living

How do we live and act more sustainably in accordance with what our Earth home can continually support and sustain? If everyone worldwide lived and consumed as we do, it would require the resources of multiple planets – we have just one. Today’s lifestyle will not be available for our grandchildren and future generations.

As a team, we examine together sustainable-living elements and make incremental changes in our lifestyles. We also work to transform our communities and to support government policies and legislation that address our need to evolve. Urban gardening, community-wide transition to 100% renewable electricity, and developing a sharing economy are areas where team members are working at a local level. Learn more

Social Justice

As Elders, we feel a moral responsibility to address the many challenges facing our communities and to discover ways in which to offer our resources, wisdom, and generativity in service of the preservation and protection of life for future generations. Our mission is to educate ourselves, share our growing understanding of issues, and encourage collaborative, active engagement to address these issues as we build the EASJ Team.

White privilege, the Doctrine of Discovery, support for indigenous efforts to protect environmental systems, our US  immigration system, and the Poor People’s Campaign are some of the many issues we’ve studied and then taken action on. Learn more


Knowledge and consciousness are both essential to being an effective elder activist. Our current online courses and book-study group offer opportunities to learn and grow in both areas. The Education team fosters the development of new courses with the vision of a culture influenced by the wisdom and experience of elders from generations past, present, and “future”. The goal is to deepen and broaden our capacity for conscious awareness, contemporary eldering, networking in support of lifelong learning, and the practice of compassionate pro-activism for individuals, groups, and the whole. Learn more


Elders Climate Action

Elders Climate Action is building a non-partisan movement of elders committed to making our voices heard. We are determined to change our nation’s policies while there is still time to avoid catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate. Because of this concern and because we vote consistently, elders are in a unique position to influence national policy. We are committed to using our voices, our votes, and our collective power to push for policies that will reduce greenhouse gases to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

We are elders, including grandparents, great aunts and great uncles who care about the future for all children. As Elders Climate Action members, we are determined to do all we can to leave a sustainable planet for future generations.  Learn more


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