Elders Action Network is a non-profit, volunteer organization with just two part-time paid staff. As we continue to grow, we need additional support in many areas; whatever your talents, skills, and available time, there’s a place for you!

If you have writing, editing, or desktop publishing skills and you like the journalistic creative process, join our newsletter team!

Are you a teacher at heart and comfortable facilitating a group? Consider training to lead one of our workshops.
Join our social media team (FaceBook and Twitter) if you know the intricacies of social media and enjoy the day-in, day-out nature of keeping content current.
Do you have marketing/communications experience and skills? Your help will be invaluable in creating/coordinating content for EAN’s website and promotional collateral.
Is internet technology your strong suit? Support our online Zoom video conference workshops by training to be a “Zoom tech” – it’s a great way to meet others and contribute your talents.
Start a local EAN Elder Circle or ECA Chapter by pulling together friends and acquaintances. We have step-by-step guidelines and lots of supportive materials and ideas to help get you started!
Do you have skills we haven’t mentioned such as photography, videography, fundraising, event management, website management, or ??? Please let us know on the volunteer form!


We’ll get back to you asap!

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