ECA Chapters

Elders Climate Action (ECA) chapters are made up of ECA members who have decided to take action on climate issues within their community, state, or region. Whether alone or in collaboration with ECA partners and other like-minded organizations, chapters participate in local events, rallies, town halls, candidate forums, meetings with elected officials, and more.

ECA Chapters are also a great way to engage in ECA’s national actions such as the Candidate’s Climate Pledge, the Environmental Voter Pledge, and reaching out to Members of Congress in support of national actions that will help turn back climate change. If you are interested in joining an ECA Chapter, check the Chapter Directory below for one in your area and visit the chapter’s page for information on how to join. If there isn’t a chapter near you, consider starting one in your area. ECA’s website offers great support for starting a new chapter.

Connect with an ECA Chapter:

Ann Arbor Area, Michigan Chapter

Arizona Chapter

Florida Chapter

Maryland (DMV) Chapter

Massachusetts Chapter 

Northern California (NorCal) Chapter

Oregon Chapter

South Carolina Chapter

Tennessee Chapter

Virginia Chapter


How to Start an ECA Chapter
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