We’re building a movement of elders to address the social and environmental crises of our time!

WELCOME to a community of thousands of elders who are taking action to create a better world for our grandchildren, future generations, and all life. We are concerned about what we see happening all around us – and, we are doing something about it!  

In our workshops and conversations we explore the critical issues that keep us awake at night – climate change, our floundering democracy, social injustices, and the need for a new, regenerative way of living. Then we move into action, putting to good use our talents, time, resources, and decades of life experience. 

Elders are 80 million strong in America. We can bring about the changes that are needed – but we’re running out of time. We know that we must act now and act fearlessly before it’s too late.

Join Us – together, we are creating a future that works for all!


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Book Study Group
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Get Informed


Community Conversations

These monthly, lightly-facilitated online conversations focus on social justice issues and climate chaos. They are educational in nature with an emphasis on responding personally or in community.

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Online Workshops

Education is key to effective action. EAN’s on-line workshops and courses provide the foundational knowledge supporting our elders’ work. These include Empowered Elderhood, New Worldview, Sustainable Living, and Social Justice themes.


Book Study Group

We supplement our Education workshops by offering on-line discussions  of current books, chosen because they are timely and insightful or challenging in their calls for action.

Take Action with EAN Today

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Sound Democracy

We are excited to begin this new EAN venture in governance activism: the Elders for Sound Democracy (ESD) action group. ESD is a continuation and expansion of our 2020 Elders Stand for Fair Elections (ESFE) campaign.


Climate Action

We work nationally to affect federal policy, legislation, and regulation to mitigate climate change. We work locally with community organizations and individuals to enact climate ordinances and to lower our individual carbon footprints.

Elders for Regenerative Living

Regenerative Living

We explore new potentials and practices to revitalize a degraded planet from a regenerative, holistic/systemic view of life in community starting with the individual consciousness along with the societal consciousness. Then into action to rejuvenate the Earth, and ourselves!

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Social Justice

We address causes of racial and ethnic injustice, plight of Native Americans, economic inequality, and impact of “white supremacy.” We use gained knowledge to support individual and collaborative social justice projects.


Elder Action Circles

Elder Action Circles are typically composed of members involved in differing, ongoing social and environmental causes. Circle members gain support, encouragement and project suggestions through sharing at local circle meetings.

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Climate Action Chapters

Elders Climate Action (ECA) chapters take on climate action at both local and state levels, collaborating with like-minded organizations and working to lower our own individual as well as community uses of energy.

Be Inspired

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Elders in Action

Be inspired by stories of elders taking action in many different ways, working in their local communities or nationally to leave a just and livable world for future generations and all life.


National Events

Regional and national activism events and EAN conferences offer times to catch up, bond, and gain the synergism that comes when many hearts and minds unite. We always leave uplifted.

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Elder Wisdom

Within each issue of our monthly newsletter we present a short video interview of an ordinary or well-known elder who shares his/her life-learned wisdom on one of many relevant topics. These are continually extra-ordinary.

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Turning Point Journal

From EAN authors and poets come perspectives that encourage awakening to the next level of self-awareness and connecting to all life. Read each Turning Point issue at your own pace and reflect with the authors as you go. It promises to be an infilling experience!

We’ll get back to you asap!

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