Promote the Youth Vote

Looking for meaningful and effective ways to help elect local and national leaders who care about the environment and democracy?

Promote the Youth Vote is the EAN campaign to activate and encourage young voters.

  • We partner with EAN State Teams and Third Act to support The Civics Center to “make voter registration part of every American high school”.  
  • In  5-10 hours a month elders volunteer to:
    • Reach out to encourage high schools to have educator-advised/student-led voter registration drives
    • Write letters to progressive adults in key states to register and to encourage their friends, family and especially young people to register.
    • Join us to educate ourselves, identify candidates and opportunities for collaboration, and develop further opportunities for pragmatic and effective elder activism.
  • We know that 
    • over 75% of 19-24 year olds vote if they are registered
    • fewer than half of young adults are registered to vote
    • Research shows that The Civics Center’s student-led, educator-advised high school voter registration drives work to register young people.   
  • To learn more and to get involved:


Let us know soon that you are interested in helping by emailing

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