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Join our Take the Pledge campaign during the month of May. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join you as we become good ancestors who are taking a long-term view on the future and our legacy!

The goal of the Take the Pledge campaign is for 1,000 or more fellow “earth champions” to reduce their/our consumption collectively and discover a shared sense of purpose, joy, and satisfaction in doing so.

Why? Because science tells us that the climate crisis isn’t going away. Our environment provides us with renewable and non-renewable resources, but now we take more of both than the planet has to give.

The decisions we make every day—about which products we purchase, how much electricity we consume, how we get around, what we eat and what we don’t—add up and become humanity’s collective carbon footprint. By taking collective action to reduce our consumption and carbon footprint…WE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!


We are not what we do,
but who we become when we do it.


We will pledge to take action on one—or even all five—of the activities below. Together we can make lifestyle changes and build a movement that will make a significant environmental difference!


Buy fewer new clothes. Say no to fast fashion and get creative with vintage and alternative choices.
Eat a plant-rich diet with minimal food waste.
Make fuel-efficient and less polluting transportation decisions. Make fewer transportation-intensive purchases by traveling less and eating locally grown, in-season food.
Reduce electronic waste by not purchasing all the latest electronics and electrical appliances and repair or replace the ones you have only when they no longer do the job.
Consider or even commit to other, longer term significant life changes, for example, make my next car electric, participate in such EAN initiatives as Joining a Climate Action Chapter, Electrify Everything, Eliminate Plastics, FixMyFunds.

When you choose to Take the Pledge during the month of May you will receive thought-provoking videos, educational information, helpful tools and suggestions for taking action, interactive activities, access to webinars, resources, and other inspiring materials throughout the month of May, to explore in your own time. Let’s take this journey together as a unified force!

Read the science behind the Take the Pledge campaign.

Want to know more? Read about the pledge here.
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