Elders for Regenerative Living

Elders for Regenerative Living

The Elders for Regenerative Living (ERL) Action Group addresses the broad question:

How do we Elders think, live and act more regeneratively to support our earth NOW, and do our best so future generations will have an habitable planet and a society that support their growth as human beings? What commitments can we make to live in ways that respect the Earth?

Paul Hawken says,If we are to transform the climate crisis, we need to transform ourselves, and we had best not blink.”

To be regenerative means:

  • putting life at the center of all decisions and actions;
  • reconnecting to self, others, and nature/mother Earth; and
  • opening to unexplored possibilities.

In his book, Regeneration, Paul Hawken invites us to reflect as we take each next step by asking ourselves these four questions as our guiding principles:

  • Does the action create more life or reduce it?
  • Does it heal the future or steal the future?
  • Does it De-generate or Re-generate life?
  • Does it enhance human well-being or diminish it?

ERL currently offers three opportunities to support that transformation:

Chat ‘n Act – This action-based project follows an on-going, highly interactive format where presenters and participants share on a variety of topics starting with cause, moving to solutions, and culminating in actions and advocacy each person can use in their own lives and in their communities. The first series was on the PLASTICS CRISIS. Click here for the recordings of the initial six sessions plus a guest speaker on the topic of reducing our uses of single-use plastics.

Upcoming Chat ‘n Act date:

November 10 – Regenerative Holidays!

New traditions for the Holidays * Ideas for Celebrating Life and Love while being respectful to the Earth.

Human over consumption is one of the major causes for the climate crisis. Too much stuff going to waste and into landfills where it makes a potent Greenhouse Gas, Methane. Bring your ideas for gifts to friends and families, and our Earth – share ideas for creating a meaningful holiday for you and yours by refusing to overdo, reusing, reinventing, re-purposing, and exploring new plastic-free gift ideas. Plan parties without waste from food to reusable eating utensils, non-plastic decorations and recycled gift wrappings. This will be great fun to come up with new ideas for regenerative celebrating TOGETHER. Register here

Regenerative Elder Project – ERL is currently designing and prototyping this program that focuses on the unique gifts that elders can bring to the internal and external regenerative transformation that Paul Hawken is calling forth in his book Regeneration.

Three elders ask the questions: Is our existing paradigm working? What do we need to replace it with? How can we contribute to regenerating society, planet and ourselves? LISTEN to The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations podcast.

  • It will take the form of a short introductory module, followed by several month-long inquiries into some of the action domains that Paul explores in his book and on the Nexus site, such as food, forests, or energy.
  • In these longer modules, we will focus on capacity building and experimentation for elder-specific activities such as modeling, mentoring, holding the space, or advising in council, and developing action confidence.
  • We will offer in the second part of 2022 several inquiry-based educational modules that will explore the key dimensions and domains of regenerative living and serving, while forming a regenerative learning community. These modules will integrate inner work, interpersonal work, and outer work to address the root causes of our societal crises and offer creative alternatives to current reality. For more information on the REP contact Alain Gauthier at alaing@eldersaction.org.

During 2021-2022, ERL sponsored distinguished speakers and presentations concerning climate change, becoming plastic-free, electrifying our lives, rewilding, food & nutrition, etc. Click here to access recordings of these presentations.

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