Elders for Regenerative Living

The Elders for Regenerative Living (ERL) Education Group addresses the question:

How do Elders live and act regeneratively, creating a habitable planet for future generations?

Regenerative living and action are transformative!!

Being regenerative means: 

  • Making life whole by placing the welfare of all life at the center of our decisions and actions.
  • Reconnecting to Self, others, nature, Mother Earth.
  • Being open to unexplored possibilities.
  • Paul Hawken says it best: “Regeneration applies to all of life—grasslands, farms, insects, forests, fish, wetlands, coastlands, and oceans—and it applies equally to family, communities, cities, schools, religion, commerce, and governments. And most spectacularly to climate.”


The Regenerative Elder Process (REP)

Our Introductory Exploration offers the initial step in looking at what it means to be part of a community of elders engaged in longer-term transformative actions that contribute to healing society and the planet. After completing an introductory exploration, you may wish to join the next inquiry, Embodying Regenerative Worldviews, which begins soon and is offered throughout the year. Learn more and sign up HERE.


The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations Podcast

Through conversations with people at the leading edge of regeneration and transformation, The Way Forward, Regenerative Conversations stimulate our imagination with what is possible. We each become part of the solution.

We explore the question: What is the Way Forward?

These conversations are all about the future of humanity and the planet. How can we be good ancestors by helping individuals, businesses and corporations create regenerative living in response to the challenges of the 21st century? Learn more and listen HERE.


Take the Pledge

The Take the Pledge Campaign raises awareness about climate disruption and inspires us to reduce consumption in major areas of our lives – our clothing, food, transportation, energy usage, plastics consumption, and e-waste. Because short term thinking is the root of our crises, we also learn from Robert Krznaric, in the Good Ancestor, who inspires us to think longer term. Learn more and get all campaign resources HERE.




Our Many Resources

Learn more about our work, our many seminars, and resources HERE.

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