Elders for Regenerative Living

The Elders for Regenerative Living (ERL) Action Group addresses the broad question:

How do we Elders think, live and act more regeneratively to support our earth NOW, and do our best so future generations will have an habitable planet and a society that support their growth as human beings? What commitments can we make to live in ways that respect the Earth?

ERL currently offers these opportunities to support that transformation:

Take the Pledge

Become a “Good Ancestor– caring about our planet, youth, and the legacy we are leaving for future generations – as part of EAN’s new campaign to raise awareness about climate disruption and inspire changes in our lives. We’ll be supported to reduce consumption in major areas of our lives – our clothing, food, transportation, and e-waste, during the month of May.

Every choice that we make contributes to humanity’s combined footprint – what we buy, how much electricity we consume, what we eat. They all make a difference.

Elders Action Network is launching Take the Pledge, an educational and action-packed campaign to raise awareness about climate change and inspire people to make changes in their lives. Elders, their families, friends, and neighbors will be encouraged and supported to reduce consumption in in the major areas of—clothing, food, transportation, and e-waste—during the month of May.

The goal is to help participants realize that the decisions we make in our daily lives contribute to humanity’s combined carbon footprint. What products we purchase, how much electricity we consume, the ways we get around, and what we eat or don’t make a difference.

There will be many opportunities to contribute to collective actions that build community and improve our resilience in the face of an uncertain future. Simplifying life can be creative, meaningful, and fun! Join us as we become good ancestors who care about our planet, youth, and the legacy we leave for future generations.

Our Take the Pledge campaign will offer many collective actions that build community and improve our resilience in the face of an uncertain future. Simplifying our lives can be creative, meaningful, and fun! Learn more HERE.



Join a Community of Regenerative Elders

Do you want to continue growing personally while contributing as an elder to the regeneration of your community and society? The Regenerative Elder Process (REP) Introductory Learning Module offers you an initial step in exploring what it means to be part of a community of elders engaged in longer-term transformative actions that contribute to heal society and planet.

The first part of the Introductory Module is a two-to-three-hour self-paced program designed to offer opportunities to learn and reflect on regenerative concepts, new ways of thinking, and intentional ways to approach life. You will have access to a series of texts and videos that explore different facets of elderhood and regeneration, in the context of the challenges we face as a society. When you complete this part of the module, you may find yourself asking “how can I be and act in my elder years in ways that can make a difference both in my personal life and in my community?”

You will then be invited to a two-hour Zoom meeting, scheduled for April 14 at 11:30 am PT / 2:30 pm ET, to meet the other participants – who have also completed the self-study material – and the facilitators of the Module. You will have an opportunity to share with others your thoughts, reactions, hopes, and aspirations. You will also be able to ask questions from the facilitators – including on the Embodying Regenerative Worldviews Module that will be offered in May and June.

This Introductory Learning Module sets the stage for further learning. Upon completion you will be encouraged to step back and assess where you are in your own process and whether you want to engage more deeply with others over a longer time to build a safe, supportive, and stimulating community. and engage in regenerative practices.

Where do I begin?
Mark your calendar for April 14th at 11:30 am PT / 2:30 pm ET and look for a follow up email once you’ve registered for the online course.

Click here now to register and begin your journey with the REP Introductory Learning Module.

For more information on the REP contact Alain Gauthier at alaing@eldersaction.org.

The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations Podcast

The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations stimulates our imaginations with what is possible, offering a wide variety of guests – people at the leading edge of the field. The latest podcasts ask, Can businesses and corporations help move the paradigm from sustainability to regeneration as they reinvent themselves in response to the challenges of the 21st century?

KoAnn VIkoren Skrzyniarz, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Life Media, has been leading the way to help corporations become more regenerative by adopting systems thinking and addressing sustainability; and learn how businesses can have more flexibility and resources to lead change initiatives that governments. LISTEN on Apple Podcasts

Chat ‘n Act

This action-based project follows an on-going, highly interactive format where presenters and participants share on a variety of topics starting with cause, moving to solutions, and culminating in actions and advocacy each person can use in their own lives and in their communities. The first series was on the PLASTICS CRISIS. Click here for the recordings of the initial six sessions plus a guest speaker on the topic of reducing our uses of single-use plastics.

For anyone who missed the Chat ’n Act Electrify Everything that was held in September and October of 2022 and hosted by Robert Whitehair, check out this video of the highlights:


During 2021-2022, ERL sponsored distinguished speakers and presentations concerning climate change, becoming plastic-free, electrifying our lives, rewilding, food & nutrition, etc. Click here to access recordings of these presentations.

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