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Are Your Savings Invested in Fossil Fuels?

Our investments are meant to secure our future – but the world’s largest asset managers, Vanguard, Fidelity, and BlackRock, are investing our retirement savings into fossil fuel development and deforestation which puts us all at risk.

This danger is evident not only in our changing climate, but also in the future risks to our investments. Fossil fuel investments are projected to lose their value as the world is forced to transition to renewable energy.

Although many of us care deeply about climate change we often don’t know what to do about it. We might feel “small,” most especially when facing the immensity of the financial industry.

It’s true that individually we do not have much power but by working together we can make a difference.

So, Elders Action Network has  joined the global network of organizations and individuals who are working together to take action and secure a more thriving and just future for those we love. We are demanding that our investment companies change their practices and do the right thing for us, for our planet, and for future generations.

Can we become “good ancestors” and ask ourselves, “What is the impact of our actions on those who come after us?”

Join this growing movement of “investor activists” who are leveraging their power as customers and demanding changes in fossil fuel financing.


  • Attend a FixMyFunds webinar to learn the skills and gain the confidence to speak with your asset/financial manager and demand fossil free funds for your portfolio. Look for upcoming dates.
  • Join our next FixMyFunds Investors Working Group to delve deeper into the resources, research the issues, and work with others to build this movement of elder investor activists. Look for upcoming dates.
  • Have questions? Want to join our working group? Contact Lynne Iser:
  • If you invest with Vanguard – Email Lynne Iser at to learn more about our Never Vanguard Campaign.

As elders we want to secure our retirement, but not at the expense of our children’s future.

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