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EAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education and activism aimed at achieving greater social and environmental justice in our American society. We are fortunate to be guided by a talented, experienced group of dedicated elders.  

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  • Bill DeVincenzi

  • Debbie Mytels

  • John Izzo

  • John Sorensen

  • Leslie Wharton

  • Libby Traubman

  • Lynne Iser

  • Roger Luckmann

  • Teri Whitehair

Bill DeVincenzi

Throughout a career in accounting and finance, along with teaching at San Jose State University Business School, I’ve always had a strong interest in ethics and the environment. In retirement, I am pursuing the existential threat of our time, the climate crisis. I serve as Faculty in Residence for Sustainability at SJSU; I am also a Climate Reality Project presenter and founder of my community’s Sustainable Villages Club. I devote my climate and sustainable-living efforts to my wife of 54 years, our two children, and three grandchildren.

EAN Treasurer


Debbie Mytels

As my children headed to college, I transitioned from being an “education activist” to an “environmentalist.” My life’s mission is to “nurture the growth and development of Life on Earth” – caring for children and protecting the natural world. Now retired from professional work, I’m working to curb climate change. I look for wisdom in the patterns of nature and in social psychology. I find joy in music, gardening, and building relationships with others who share common goals.

John Izzo

John Izzo has been a pioneer in the movement for “business doing good” for thirty years. He is the author of eight books and his 2012 TEDX talk challenged Baby Boomers to commit to leaving a sustainable world for future generations. His life purpose is to “help accelerate the shift of consciousness required for humanity and planet to thrive now and in the future.” He and his partner, Janice Halls, live outside of Victoria, Canada and in Rancho Mirage California. He serves as the co-host of EAN’s The Way Forward podcast; and is excited to join the EAN team.

John Sorensen

I worked for 45 years in the aerospace and transportation sectors as a systems engineer, project manager, and high-tech company founder. When leaving industry in 2009, I knew I wasn’t done. I had a vision for bringing elders together for a higher cause than individual attainment – using the many resources gained throughout our lives. Realizing the immense need to correct America’s social injustices, environmental degradations, and dysfunctional government defined that cause – one worthy of our attention and efforts. That motivated me to invite other elders to join together in what has become our mighty endeavor – Elders Action Network!

EAN Founder, Board Vice-President

Leslie Wharton

When I first learned about climate change, I trusted that our elected representatives to act for the good of the people. In 2015 I was shocked by how little had been done to address climate change. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and participated in ECA’s Grandparents Climate Action Day. I now serve as Chair of Elders Climate Action and have started a local ECA chapter. We are a wonderful, dedicated community of elder volunteers committed to making a difference while there is still time!

Chair, Elders Climate Action

Libby Traubman

With my husband, Len, I co-founded, the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue of San Mateo. For 30 years, I have helped bring diverse “enemies” together in successful public peace processes, and mentored individuals engaged in relationship-building activities in several African countries. I am a founding member of EAN, and work to encourage elders to give of their time, talent, and passion – utilizing our years of life experience for the welfare of all.


Lynne Iser

I have always loved life, but now I have a deep fear of the future. Will this beautiful world be here for my granddaughter? As co-founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute, I know that elders have the perspective, resources, and the inner urging to create a sound legacy. In response, I developed my website,; and, have committed to working with EAN to build a movement of elders addressing the critical issues that threaten the future for my five children.

EAN Board President

Roger Luckmann

In my work life I was fortunate to pursue the theory and practice of healthcare and public health. I practiced medicine, taught epidemiology, and led research projects on cancer prevention and pain management. Now my focus is with Elders Climate Action (nationally and in Massachusetts), learning to be a heat pump coach, and an effective lobbyist. Tending to family, core communities, three cats, my passion for singing, the birds at the feeder, the survival of democracy, a spiritual quest, and my attraction to the street life of Manhattan also consumes some hours in my week.

Teri Whitehair

As a second-generation Californian, activism for the good of all has been my passion. My career began as an early childhood educator, then an event coordinator (Beyond War Award, Mikhail Gorbachev’s talk in SF), and finally an executive assistant (State of the World Forum). I co-lead Elders for Social Justice and am a member of the San Mateo City Action Team. I find joy in classical music, walking, yoga and our 5 grandchildren.

Leadership Council

  • Alain Gauthier

  • Anne Adams

  • Art Mitchell

  • Constance Washburn

  • Kathryn Skrabo

  • Michael Abkin

  • Paul Dryfoos

  • Shirley Freriks

  • Sue Sorensen

  • Teri Whitehair

Alain Gauthier

As an international consultant, facilitator, educator, and author, my work has been focused on developing co-leadership capabilities and building authentic relationships through dialogue and compassion. As an elder, I am passionate about integrating the inner, inter-, and outer dimensions of regeneration – at a time when our thoughts and patterns of behavior are challenged by the multi-faceted crisis our society is going through. I co-lead the Visionary Planning Process, the Regenerative Elder Process, and the development of an Oregon Chapter.

Anne Adams

My life’s commitment has been to transform the quality of thinking, doing, and being in our educational institutions and our businesses. I shine a bright light on the connection between our educational philosophy and practices and their influence in our world and, ultimately, our personal lives. I have been a teacher, school director, university instructor, manager in an international educational corporation, and a business consultant to large and small corporations.

Art Mitchell

I draw from 40 years as a conservation biologist and activist working in 18 countries, my personal struggle with ageism, and my consciousness shift toward meaning and acceptance of the opportunities provided as an “elder.” I describe this shift in my book on conscious aging, “Grateful, Not Dead: Rewire, Not Retire.” I am also a coach, an IONS Conscious Aging facilitator, and I help facilitate the Elders for Social Justice Action Group, as well as organizing the local Southern-Arizona Elder Action Chapter.

Constance Washburn

I am an activist, educator, facilitator, and a founding member of Elders Action Network. I co-created and lead The Empowered Elder Workshop, EAN’s foundation course, using my background in education, theatre, ecology, mindfulness, and Joanna Macy’s teachings. I also co-founded and teach within the Facilitator’s Network of Joanna Macy’s work. Previous careers have included theatre teacher and director, environmental and local food systems senior services coordinator, community organizer, and community Dharma Leader.

Kathryn Skrabo

My career as a Social Worker focused primarily on social policy and program development at both the state and local level. Being a part of EAN and knowing it represents an elder demographic that can use my skill and experience to work on diverse and compelling issues is a source of pride. Working with so many other like-minded, good people is a source of joy. My EAN emphasis has been on infrastructure development and engagement in volunteer outreach.

Michael Abkin

After two years of service in the Peace Corps in Nigeria, a doctorate in systems science, and a 34-year career in systems analysis and simulation modeling for agricultural development and air transportation, I “retired” and now work for personal and cultural transformation. I currently volunteer with the Nine Gates Mystery School and the National Peace Academy, and co-lead the “Evolutionary Leap” Elder Action Circle. I enjoy time with my family, traveling, walking in nature, and musing in prose and poetry.

Paul Dryfoos

My activist focus is to protect the freedom of all Americans to vote in fair elections, and to oppose all efforts to sabotage our democracy. I co-lead Elders for Sound Democracy, and share leadership in my local Elders Climate Chapter in Massachusetts. As a management consultant and public official, I helped many healthcare, human services, and economic development organizations. I divide my time between Boston, MA and Cortez, FL. Working with the EAN team of activists is an important part of my life and highly recommended to others.

Co-lead, Elders for Sound Democracy

Shirley Freriks

As a child, I discovered the wonders of Nature. I am still in love with this world and want to keep it healthy and beautiful. Upon retiring, I watched its degradation, regenerated a damaged redwood forest, and learned about climate change. I am grateful to be part of Elders Action Network to work with others on solutions. I coordinate my local Elders Action/Climate Chapter and work with the regional NorCal Climate Chapter.

Sue Sorensen

As a volunteer with the Creative Initiative and Beyond War Foundations for 15 years, I focused on office management, event coordination, and desktop publishing. These skills were honed during my years as an Executive Administrator at Novell, a Silicon Valley IT company. As co-founder of Elders Action Network, my focus has been on developing the Operations team, and I have found great satisfaction and reward in working with dedicated, like-minded volunteers toward insuring a just and sustainable future for our children, grandchildren and future generations – a call that inspires us all to our highest potential.

EAN Co-Founder


Teri Whitehair

My life’s focus has been to give back to my community, making life better for all. I’ve organized global events – The Beyond War Award, Mikhail Gorbachev’s exclusive speech in San Francisco, The State of The World Forum, and a multicultural event in my city’s school district. My passion is working with high-functioning teams to create something more significant than ourselves. Elders Action Network is my home, where I can offer my skills to save and restore our Earth through our actions.


  • Crystal Gloistein

  • Diana Shoemaker

  • Jen Chandler

Crystal Gloistein

I joined EAN’s staff in 2019 after learning of the position from my Prescott College alumni group. After college in northern Arizona, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years before moving back to the Philadelphia area. I have two adult sons who live in Tucson, Arizona and western Massachusetts who I visit as often as possible. I am an avid lover of music, traveling, animals, nature and photography, and very much enjoy my daily walks in the woods with my “pack” consisting of two dogs and two cats.

EAN Program & Communications Manager

Diana Shoemaker

I have worked for over 20 years in non-profit and community organizations tackling issues like housing and homelessness; and for the past 10 years at the helm of a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. My experience has shown me that volunteers are the foundation for any successful grassroots movement. In my role as Director of Strategic Development and Planning, I am thrilled to be working alongside volunteers and staff, providing support for EAN’s critical work for social and climate justice.

EAN Executive Director

Jen Chandler

My experience as a teacher and outdoor guide instilled a thirst for lifelong learning and a deep love for the natural world. I am an artist, activist, daughter, sister, (great) auntie, dog mom, and gen-x-er. My passion for activism, nurtured by my mother, has guided my career in the nonprofit sector. Because of my increasing concern about the climate crisis, I have dedicated more than six years to helping to build EAN’s Elders Climate Action.

Director of Operations, Elders Climate Action

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