Lifelong Learning


Growth in knowledge and consciousness are both essential to being an effective elder activist. Our current online courses and book-study group offer opportunities to learn and grow in both areas. The Education team fosters the development of new courses with the vision of a culture influenced by the wisdom and experience of elders from generations past, present, and “future”. The goal is to deepen and broaden our capacity for conscious awareness, developing as a contemporary elder, support of lifelong learning, and the practice of compassionate pro-activism for individuals, groups, and the whole.

Our Mission is to connect an inspired and aspiring community of elders by providing relevant courses, materials, and trainings—created within EAN or developed by aligned organizations outside of EAN.

This Mission includes working with the Outer Action and Community-Building Branches to present knowledge and how-to courses relative to local actions we can each take to achieve greater social and ecological justice as well as to live more sustainably. It also includes expressing the results of these educational efforts and opportunities via EAN’s Turning Point Journal, wise elder interviews, educational website content, book reviews, and resource repositories.

The Education team has two major thrusts:

  • Provide a growing curriculum of educational offerings that manifest our mission; and
  • Support each of the EAN action groups and projects.

Essential Questions

We continually explore essential questions, such as:

  • What are the promises of evolving elderhood in the 21st Century?
  • How do we educate and inspire a diverse generation of elders to deliver on these promises?
  • How do we transition to take up the responsibilities of elderhood?
  • How can we provide collective disciplines and advocacy to transcend our illusions of separation—from self, diverse sentient beings, and from living-Earth processes?   

How we address them:

  • We develop and maintain a feedback loop to continuously improve and enhance content, format, and methodology.
  • We help create and sponsor EAN Core Curriculum to both deepen and expand our collective understanding of the foundational elements of EAN’s Mission.
  • We coordinate with EAN action groups regarding educational elements for our regional workshops, journal, newsletters, websites, and other EAN outlets.   
  • We assist in developing an online library of resources – books, articles, films, slide shows and more to advance the educational mission of EAN.


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