Elder Wisdom

As we connect and work together to build an elder movement, we meet elders like you who are innovators and thought leaders. Different life experiences result in different perspectives that enrich elder leadership. Each of these short interviews presents thoughtful reflections on a specific aspect of elderhood. We invite you to listen and consider your own perspectives related to the theme of the interview.

Mike Abkin, Peace Activist

Kathleen Schomaker, Exec. Director, Gray Is Green

Leslie Wharton, Co-Lead, Elders Climate Action

James Stark, Co-Director, Regenerative Design Institute

John Sorensen, EAN Founder, Coordinating Director

Lynne Twist, Co-founder, Pachamama Alliance Board

Donald Bolduc, Ret. General, US Army

Ralph Nader, Political Activist

Connie Goldman, NPR Host, Author

Michael Mervosh, Exec. Director, Hero’s Journey Foundation

Bing Gong, Diversity Activist

George Ramos, Alternatives to Violence Program

Nancy Margulies, Immigration Activist

Jonathan Taylor, Education Activist

Manuel Manga, Center for Evolutionary Leadership

Lynne Iser, EAN Board President, Co-lead, Social Justice

David Cathcart

Libby Traubman, Co-lead, Community Building

Alan Gold





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