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Our Projects

Being With Difficult Conversations

Political discourse has become so fractured and reactive that it has become practically impossible to forge consensus. Using the insights of Emotional Logic, we discover how the energy from our deeply held values and emotions can be harnessed into the inner strength to enable more effective communication in all of our difficult conversations. 

Civic Heroes

We research and recognize individuals or groups who have done something exceptional to advance democracy. We identify them from every walk of life—not just politics–and can be celebrities or ordinary folk. The heroes share a dedication to the values we promote in society and our collaborations with other groups. See the vignettes of our Honorees. If you think you might be interested in working on this project, contact Meg Newhouse.

Elders Who Lead 

The first series of four weekly civic education workshops begins on September 13th for elders to expand their problem solving, goal setting and critical thinking skills for civic engagement. Modeled on National Parent Leader Institute work, this program will expedite local transformation through elder empowerment in democracy and citizenship. Learn more and Register HereContact Rod Malloy with any questions.

Resources for Information and Engagement

We identify information resources and partner with organizations that promote our vision and values to connect our efforts with others in the broader community. We share this information with state teams for Elders for Sound Democracy and other EAN members, providing opportunities to engage with local groups working on voting rights and election-integrity issues. See the Democracy Dialogues Recordings. 


Contact Linda Warner, co-leader with Meg Newhouse

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