ESD 2022 Voting Rights Campaign

National Support

ESD’s national team manages daily operations, communications needs, research support for the state teams, overall elder engagement, and get-out-the-vote marketing. These tasks are conducted by the following committees that all need volunteer support.

Communications – This committee meets twice per month to provide current ESD communications input for the EAN Events Bulletin, Newsletter, this Website, and monthly Leadership Letter to ESD members. It will soon be developing example letters to friends & family, and to local newspaper editors. If you are interested in writing, editing, or illustrating in support of the voting rights campaign, contact Sue Sorensen at

Research & Education – The Research & Education committee investigates and provides information and data on state district voter demographics, voting records, contacts for congregations, assisted living facilities, college student affairs offices, minority community centers, and radio station personnel. The committee provides contacts for other voter rights organizations with which teams can collaborate. Committee members also develop educational material for effective messaging and essential state issues to address. If you enjoy conducting research, contact Jeff Johnson at

Elder Engagement – This team provides the welcoming introductions and engagement placement for new elders interested in supporting voting rights. If you are interested in supporting this need, contact John Sorensen at

Radio PSA Team – We contact radio stations to provide placement of public service announcements (PSAs) with information about voter registration, early voting, and vote by mail. Internet searchers / researchers are needed to look up contact information for radio stations for outreach. If interested contact Paul Dryfoos at

Social Media Marketing – As originating from the Texas team, we are conducting an extensive social media marketing campaign to urge lower voting citizens to register, vote early, vote by mail, or vote on election day. This includes developing short videos and memes with compelling messages supporting these voting elements. We use FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. If you have social media experience or are willing to learn, please contact Sherie Stark at

Thank you for considering joining one or more of our teams. We have fun while we do this essential work, all for the purpose of protecting and improving our democracy for the wellbeing of all Americans.

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