ESD 2022 Voting Rights Campaign

National and State Team Needs


Radio Station Public Service Announcements (PSAs) – all state teams

  • Develop contact information for radio stations serving suppressed voter segments.
  • Prepare PSA scripts (English and Spanish) describing registration and voting processes consistent with state and local voting laws plus Federal Communications Commission regulation.
  • Contact station personnel and work with them to broadcast the PSAs consistent with key state voting process due dates.

Faith Congregations – Voting Process Information (AZ, PA, TX, WI)

  • Develop flyers (English and Spanish) describing registration and voting processes and information sources specific to state and regional laws and related details. These are in the form of bulletin inserts or bulletin board posting.
  • Develop contact information for individual progressive faith congregations serving BIPOC, youth, urban women, and disadvantaged, frontline communities
  • Contact faith congregation personnel to provide voting information flyers.

Low-cost Housing/Assisted Living Residents’ Voting information: (GA, PA)

  • Identify and develop director contact information for low-cost housing and assisted living facilities.
  • Develop information ready for email regarding registration and voting processes and related schedules and reference sources.
  • Contact housing/facility directors to convey voting information to individual voters.

Social Media Propagation of Voting information: (AZ, TX, WI)

  • Be trained on developing video selfies and graphic memes to urge voting.
  • Take training on how to use common social media platforms to gain widespread communication of Get Out The Vote (GOTV) messages. This includes developing personal use of these platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please fill out this Volunteer Interest Form and a team member will be in touch to help you get engaged where your interest and skills lie.

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