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The Path to Sound Governance Requires a Safe and Fair 2020 Election

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Campaign Mission:

To ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to cast a vote in the November 2020 general election safely, easily, and with confidence that their vote is duly counted.

Why do we Elders care about this?

Fair elections are a paramount concern for elders who value the constitutional right to vote and who understand that an election that reflects the will of the people is the cornerstone of a successful democracy. Fair elections are a prerequisite to environmental, social, and economic policies and subsequent legislation that responsibly address climate change and other issues key to our society’s well-being.

We are mobilizing as strongly and quickly as we possibly can because there are extraordinary threats to our democracy that cannot be ignored:

  • The COVID pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge to safe and fair voting.
  • There is pervasive vote suppression affecting historically marginalized groups including people of color, LatinX people, young people, Native Americans and others.
  • A mythology that mail-in voting is prone to fraud is being propagated for partisan purposes by certain politicians and media outlets (it’s not true – mail-in voting is secure if election officials do their jobs).
  • Disruptions to postal service remind us that we are facing a comprehensive assault on safe and fair elections.

Conducting a fair election this year requires national and state reforms of election law and procedure, investment in voting capacity development, and massive pushback against vote suppression.

We are not willing to sit on the sidelines – our community of concerned elders will take action each and every day until all the votes are counted for the 2020 election.

That’s why we ask that you pledge to join us in taking action in big and small ways, consistently right through election day. Our state and national campaign teams are developing a rich agenda of advocacy opportunities.

Please click the link below to take action for safe and fair elections.

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What is needed for fair and safe elections?

  1. State and local election authorities need immediate federal funds to properly administer the 2020 elections.
  2. Eligible citizens need the opportunity to vote safely, i.e. vote-by-mail.
  3. Early voting, safe and plentiful polling places, online or automatic voter registration, streamlined identity verification and other measures are all necessary to support voters.
  4. Fighting against voter suppression and unequal access to voting is an immediate priority.
  5. Every voter needs a plan to vote safely and be assured that their vote is counted.

What will we Elders do?

EAN’s Elders Stand for Fair Elections campaign will build on the commitment of our more than 10,000 members to work smartly and tirelessly state-by-state and nationally to respond quickly and powerfully to inform voters of their rights and impel public officials to do the right thing. We are currently organizing in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We are also carefully watching Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina. In all our campaign states, we are working closely with partner organizations with deep expertise in voting rights advocacy. Our campaign activities include:

  • Advocacy directed at the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and state election officials.
  • Phone banks to inform voters how to vote from home safely and securely.
  • Outreach to key intermediaries such as clergy and long-term care administrators to enlist their help in informing voters in their communities about how to register and vote safely.
  • Collaborations with key community groups who have credibility with people who may face extraordinary vote suppression.

The main thing we need for this voting rights campaign to succeed is you. Elders Stand for Fair Elections is a volunteer-powered initiative. Please click on the Take Action button below to connect with individual actions that can be done in a few minutes to an hour, and opportunities to play a more sustained role in this campaign.

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Our Elders Stand for Fair Elections campaign needs your help!



Please email fairelections@eldersaction.org for more information about how to get involved.


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