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We are excited to begin this new EAN venture in governance activism: the Elders for Sound Democracy (ESD) action group. ESD is a continuation and expansion of our 2020 Elders Stand for Fair Elections (ESFE) campaign.

We invite you to attend our online planning meetings, held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (90 minutes each beginning at 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET). In these meetings you will gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what are our campaign aspirations. The agenda and Zoom link for these meetings will be sent to you once you have joined us (see below).

In our ESD action group initial meetings we are organizing our team structure and gaining knowledge together about the causes of our dysfunctional democracy and their potential solutions. We are identifying and characterizing the many ways that our American democracy has been weakened by such entities as voting district gerrymandering, the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, voter suppression, electoral college bias, and general corruption. In our initial exploratory process we are determining what and how other organizations such as Common Cause are already addressing these issues and if we might productively partner with them in that regard. We also identify key resources such as articles, books, videos, etc. that we can use to gain deeper knowledge about these issues so that we can make well informed campaign decisions and take effective actions thereof.

As we continue the organizational process, we will be splitting into teams to form partnerships with other complementary organizations, focus on specific governance issues, build our campaign infrastructure, and expand engagement to include many interested elders from across America.

We the Elders are intent on being part of the collective campaign to transition our country to a more equitable democracy, one that represents all Americans and puts our collective common good first.

Join us now and you can be part of designing our ESD campaign. Please check us out.


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