Helping Veterans Heal

For Walter Lang of Greenland, NH, giving back to the community is a way of life. He designed and created the USS Thresher Memorial in Kittery, ME, in honor of all those lost in the submarine sinking. When his town lost its chief of police to a brutal shooting, he designed and installed a memorial park in the fallen chief’s honor. Most recently, he completed a project he calls “The Learning Garden” for the local elementary school, having solicited donations from local businesses to make it a community effort.

Walter’s current passion is caning chair seats, and this year he wants to provide local veterans with an opportunity to get involved in chair caning. In his usual style, he has made contact with retired generals and a former senator to help set up a program for the vets. Now 93, he still believes it is important to have a purpose in life, with something to get up for and look forward to each day. Of the new program, he says: “Teaching veterans to cane is rewarding; I can help create new beginnings, and meaning in their lives, too.”

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