New Worldview Workshop

September 26 – December 19, 2019
(Every other Thursday)
9:00 – 10:30 am PT / Noon – 1:30 pm ET

(Seven online sessions via Zoom video conferencing)


Africa and Europe at night taken from the International Space Station 2007
Africa and Europe at night taken from the International Space Station 2007

This workshop is about a person’s worldview. How that worldview influences how we live, how we treat Earth and how we relate to each other. Today, with 7.7 billion humans and growing, on a finite planet, our worldview needs to change from seeing Earth as a dead rock to an integrated living system. Our new worldview will ensure a regenerative future for all life on Earth.

Overview of the Workshop

Session 1 – Today’s Reality, Humans Demand More Than Earth Can Supply

What is today’s reality? What is the state of our Earth, oceans, soils, forests, rivers, and atmosphere? What is the state of humans? In the last fifty years everything has changed. How? And does our worldview change with reality? What is the predominant worldview today?

Session 2 – What Is a Worldview?

Watch video of two people with different worldviews. Take a survey to identify your worldview and discuss. What is the new worldview necessary to face today’s reality?

Session 3 – Earth’s History

Many people say Earth has a cancer. Most doctors before prescribing a remedy for an illness want to know the patient’s history. To discover the remedy for Earth’s crises we must know Earth’s history and how life works. We’ll see a demo of the Deep Time Walk app and other videos of Earth’s living systems. 

Session 4 – Continued Growth Versus a Finite Planet

All today’s crises are symptoms of one underlying problem, ‘Humans demand more than Earth can supply’. When I was born the human population was 2.4 billion, today it is 7.7 billion and when my grandson is my age it will be around 11 billion. Human demand has two parts, population and consumption. We’ll look at the latest UN population projections and see that global population will level out at around 11 billion by 2090.

Everyone completes the Global Footprint Network calculator.

Session 5 – A Self-Regulating Earth

Earth history shows the Sun continually heats up, yet the surface of Earth stays between 0 and 100 deg C, evidenced by the presence of liquid water for 4 billion years. How so? Life regulates the density of the atmosphere to keep the temp even. Human lifestyles are disturbing these self-regulating mechanisms.

Session 6 – What is the Purpose of Life?

Present the arrow of time. Ask it there is a direction or an intention to evolution? What is the purpose of the oceans, the topsoil, the air, the plants, the animals, and humans? What’s the purpose of Life, of your life?

Session 7 – Our Grandchildren’s Future, One Planet Living

There is no Planet B. How do we live within the limits of one Earth? How is it possible? We see attempts from around the world. We’ll complete New Worldview chart. Handout list of actions. Close with video of our grandchildren.


Workshop Dates

All sessions are on Thursdays at 9:00 – 10:30 am PT / Noon – 1:30 pm ET

Session 1September 26
Session 2October 10
Session 3October 24
Session 4November 7
Session 5November 21
Session 6December 5
Session 7December 19



$75 – $95 (sliding scale)


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