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We understand that we can do so much more together than by ourselves. Thus, EAN welcomes partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that share similar visions and goals, and complement the work of our mission. Through synergism and common engagement, we can be more effective in bringing forth our shared vision—of a thriving and just world for our grandchildren, future generations, and all life.



Collaborative Partnerships

EAN and its action groups develop Collaborative Partnerships with other organizations that fulfill our mission and engage elders in social justice and environmental action at national, regional, and local levels. We work with organizations to develop projects that closely align to the vision and core values of EAN. This may include campaigns, actions or events that are relevant to our members and have a large geographic scope.

As a Collaborative Partner, we ask you to:

  • work with EAN to develop a project or tie into an existing project;
  • share information and data gained through the partnership project;
  • work to cross-publicize the project;
  • publicize and encourage your elder members to participate in EAN actions, educational offerings, and other activities, as appropriate;
  • include on your website the EAN logo and a link to our website;
  • allow EAN to recognize you as a partner organization on the EAN website, in printed materials, and at EAN events, with your logo and a link to your website.

Supportive Partnerships

We enter into Supportive Partnerships with other organizations with whom we share common visions and goals. These partnerships help to build the movement of elders addressing the social justice and climate issues of our time by promoting events and activities for our members engagement.

We do not partner with for-profit organizations or businesses who want to sell to our members.

As a Supportive Partner we ask that you:

  • allow us to list your name, logo and a link to your website on the EAN website;
  • agree to list EAN on your website, along with our logo and a link to the EAN website.

We agree that we will consider requests to provide information about activities of each other’s organization to our members on our website, in newsletters, etc.

If you are interested in partnering with Elders Action Network, please contact Lynne Iser.

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