Rescuing Food helps Curb Greenhouse Gas

Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess prepared food from no-shows at a banquet? How about the unsold food at the end of the day at a cafeteria, sports venue, or retailer? Regrettably, the food is usually thrown out and sent to the landfill, where it produces potent greenhouse gas. According to the USDA, 31% of all food gets discarded at the consumer and retail levels in our country!

Marlin Murdock from Houston, TX, volunteers two days each week with Second Servings, Houston’s only prepared and perishable food rescue organization. Volunteers pick up unserved and unsold food from food businesses such as distributors, retailers, hotels, and sports venues—and deliver it the same day to more than 60 approved charity sites such as shelters, soup kitchens, and low-income housing. This wholesome food helps nourish disabled, homeless seniors, abused women and children, at-risk youth, veterans, adults in recovery, developmentally challenged adults, the LGBTQ community, low-income single adults, and many others. In less than four years, Second Servings volunteers have rescued almost two MILLION pounds of food from more than 175 donors and valued at about $10 million—food that was destined for the landfill, but is now feeding people.

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