Elder Activists for Social Justice
Community Conversation

Third Thursday of each month
9:00 – 10:30 am PT / 12:00 – 1:30 pm ET

We participate together over Zoom video conferencing in a lightly-facilitated, educational and interactive conversation. We have time to deep dive into our topics using an Elder and social justice lens…always provocative, meaningful and community-oriented.

We began over three years ago by looking at issues related to racism, white privilege, wealth inequality and Islamophobia, and have recently studied Native peoples’ history, reconciliation and the moral voice of an Elder. Each month’s topic grows from the previous month’s and the interests of those attending.

Approximately two weeks before each meeting we may post resources about our subject which include relevant readings, videos, articles, and introspective questions. Our meeting format is participatory, and everyone has a chance to interact and share.

Here are three links to suggestions we’ve created for taking action against separating families and incarcerating immigrants. Make your own amendments for inviting more immigrants than current limits and for rapid and honest processing of people seeking asylum:

  1. Actions for Maximum Effectiveness regarding Separation of Children at the Border
  2. Groups Acting to Stop US Policies that Separate Immigrating Children from Their Families
  3. Groups Acting to Aid US Immigrants in the US

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All Are Welcome!

Our next EASJ Community Conversation will be on
Thursday, March 19
9:00 – 10:30 am PT / 12:00 – 1:30 pm ET

March topic: “What Collective Actions Can We Take and How Should We Engage?”

March conversation details to come…

February conversation:

In our January conversation participants named the social injustice issues we felt were the most important to recognize. The lead issue mentioned was anthropocentrism, defined in our group as the ignorance and commoditization of the wider and natural community, or man-as-god versus The Great Mystery – that all life is connected and interdependent.

We saw how anthropocentric views in North America lead into views of “othering” and disregard by many people for indigenous and non-white peoples’ spiritual and cultural ways, including languages. The effects are numerous and harmful in so very many ways. On our February 20th call we will continue to peel back the layers on this aspect of human behavior to ask Why? Is injustice toward others inherent to all human behavioral systems? What changes might affect how we behave toward other people and all life?

We invite you to read articles and books you find to inform you on systemic aspects of social justice, then bring your collected and collective elder wisdom to this Community. Join the Conversation. Listen. Speak. Watch. Let’s find out what we can learn together.

How to join the conversation:

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