Regenerative, Sustainable Living

We are building the Regenerative, Sustainable Living (RSL) Action Group to address the broad question:

How do we live and act more sustainably in accordance with what our Earth home can continually support and sustain?

This is in response to knowing that if everyone worldwide lived and consumed as we do, it would require multiple planets. This lifestyle will not be available for our grandchildren and future generations.

As a team, we examine together sustainable living elements that have already been developed (e.g. co-housing, electric automotive transportation, low-meat diets) and others under development. We make incremental changes in our lifestyles as we gain knowledge relative to what is feasible for our individual situations. This includes working with others to transform our communities and to support government policies and legislation that address our need to evolve. Co-housing, urban gardening, community-wide transition to 100% renewable electricity, and developing a sharing economy are areas where team members are working at a local level

We work with the Education branch to offer the on-line course “Choosing to Live Sustainably”, developed by the Northwest Earth Institute. This is highly interactive and creates new information from the participants that often have additional expertise that adds to our knowledge base.

Monthly Meetings

The Regenerative, Sustainable Living (RSL) group meets on the first Thursday of every month for our online series. Each monthly presentation will provide us more depth about the given topic so that we can make smart decisions about what subsequent actions to take.

Starting in November, the RSL action group will be diving deeper into the what, why, and how of transforming and aligning our personal and community lifestyles with what our Earth home can support. Building on the Choices for Sustainable Living workshop, topics to be explored include food, water, energy, transportation, housing, consumption, sharing economy, and building vibrant communities.

Next Meeting

Thursday, January 9, 2020
4:00 pm PT / 7:00 pm ET

We are in for a treat this month! Doug Silverstein, who directs Thrive, will be our informed and dynamic January speaker. The Thrive Alliance encompasses a wide swath of nonprofit organizations, government entities, foundations, businesses, and community leaders that are addressing the most challenging crises of our times. Join with other concerned EAN advocates to discover cutting edge advocacy programs, learn about resourceful programs AND available resources, and be inspired.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up here to receive a reminder email with the Zoom link and instructions for joining in.

About Doug Silverstein

Since 2015 Doug Silverstein has provided leadership for environmental organizations including Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame, Sustainable San Mateo County and Thrive Alliance. In 2018 Doug launched Green County San Mateo, a cross-sector county-wide Coalition to unify and accelerate sustainability work of 150+ organizations & 2000+ leaders. In 2019 coalition events included over 175 individuals from 95 organizations. Doug earned an Economics B.A. from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Northwestern University.

How to join the meeting

We will be using Zoom video conference technology, which is straightforward to join by computer.

If this is your first time using Zoom, please arrive at 3:45 pm PT / 6:45 pm ET in case any help is needed in getting online.

For all other participants, to make sure we can start on time, PLEASE join the conversation 5-10 minutes early!

To join by computer, simply click the following link and follow the on-screen instructions:

To join by phone, dial 669.900.6833 and enter Meeting ID: 382 649 4497

We’ll get back to you asap!

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