Elders In Action!

EAN Elders have a history of activism and making a difference in their communities. Here are a few of their inspiring stories.

Money Out! Voters In!

An Elders “Sit-In” at Democracy Spring

Lynne Iser, Philadelphia, PA

Can Citizen Shoe Leather Beat Mobile Oil?

A David and Goliath Stand-off

John Wade, Pescadero, CA

What Happens to  All That Left-over Food?

Rescuing Food Helps Curb Greenhouse Gas

Marlin Murdock, Houston, TX

Power to the People!

Instituting LOCAL Gun Control

Geoff Ainscow, Sunnyvale, CA

Helping Local Veterans

Healing Through Caning Chair Seats

Walter Lang, Greenland, NH

An Extraordinary Garden

In an Ordinary Neighborhood

Karen Harwell, Palo Alto, CA

Meaningful Movies Project

Focusing on Social Justice

Diane Tilstra, Tacoma, WA

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue

Listening to the Enemy’s Story

Len & Libby Traubman, San Mateo, CA

The Giraffe Award

For Sticking One’s Neck Out!

Minx Boren, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Trips for Kids

Helping Kids Shift Gears

Shirley Price, Mill Valley, CA


Elder Witness

A Street Theater Protest

Lynne Iser, Philadelphia, PA

Taking on Big Oil

A Warrior for Social Justice

Andreas Soto, Richmond, CA

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